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Rack drives swinging ventilation for greenhouse

The gear rack drive is a low-maintenance, purpose-designed drive for opening and closing swinging-air vents in Venlo-type greenhouses. The combination of gear rack drive and a EP RW motor gearbox contributes to an optimum greenhouse climate thanks to accurate positioning of the air vents.

The self-supporting gear rack drive comprises a zinc-plated C-profile with a built-in compact gear rack drive unit. The gear rack drive is mounted to a greenhouse gutter using the accessory clamp-mounting forks or bows.

Thanks to the pinion of the gear rack drive, the drive torque is effectively converted into a maximum rack force of 2200 N. Track rollers in the C-profile and guide blocks ensure stable extension and retraction of the rack. The drive shafts of the gear rack drive have long, flat-sided journals to allow fitting of weld/sleeve couplings or chain couplings. The gear rack drive is easy to maintain.

A gear rack drive with other C-profile lengths and rack lengths is available on request.

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